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Importance of Food Safety Certifications

Keep your kitchen in compliance by having me conduct an informal all-inclusive inspection.Types of Inspections:  Pre-opening inspections, consultations for new/remodeled kitchens, routine inspections, non-compliance inspections or individualized to meet your needs.

As a retired State inspector, I know what to look for and how to keep your kitchen safe and in compliance with the Rhode Island Food Code.  Did you know that all inspections conducted by the RI Health Department are published on the internet at Spend your money on a thorough inspection and consultation, not on fines. 


We're dedicated to ensuring that every kitchen, every restaurant, every food establishment meets the highest safety standards.

  • Opening Inspections

    • This price is $350 good for up to 2 hours.

    • Any additional time is $150 per hour.

    • This includes travel up to 50 miles from Hope RI.

  • Routine Inspections

    • One time inspection is $300

    • Discounts provided for regularly scheduled inspections.

  • Noncompliance Inspections

    • $500 up to 2 hours minimum.

    • Additional time is $150 per hour.

    • If a second inspection is required hours and mileage is accumulative.

Food Safety Classes

  • Food Safety Classes

  • Recertification Classes

  • Online Classes

  • Exam Only

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